Careers for Microsoft Technology Talents

4Dynamics affiliation

Are your focus related to solutions and services that target the Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint Channel ?

4Dynamics provide the Microsoft Partner Channel with a number of services and solutions that make their day much easier, and are looking for businesses and people that would like to run a local or regional operation under our global brand.

There is a growing requirement for our services globally, and we are looking for people and organizations that might be interested to explore increased business and great career opportunities in their local market.

You should join your business with 4Dynamics because you:

  • See a strong concept in afiliating your services with our services
  • Already have a business you would bring to an international level
  • Would like to grow faster in joint.


For more information, or to apply, please contact

Jens Lykkegaard

tel. +45 2043 9880